TrueBlood inspired Cake…Bites?

So recently I have been slightly obssessed with the HBO TrueBlood…I can’t get enough of it. Call me crazy…its horrible writting but still addictive. Its one of those shows that its soooo bad, so its soooo good.

So even though I am embarassed that I watch this show religiously, it gave me an idea. I was going to make these mini cake bites for my friend Kristi who just got married just plain ol’ chocolate covered in chocolate but then I thought….ohhhh red velvet. Its funny when working with red velvet cake mix or anytime you dye cake mix red it looks like blood…TrueBlood anyone? My roommate’s boyfriend, Jon and Matt (both avid Trueblood followers) couldn’t resist!

Trying to "Humanize" my blog with actual people

Trying to "Humanize" my blog with actual peopleI think Jon wants some of Matt's Red Velvet TrueBlood cake!"Bite" size

awww an "S" for Sampson!

awww an "S" for Sampson!


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